These conditions, among others, are highly responsive to biofeedback:

Migraine headaches


Chronic pain

Raynaud’s syndrome


Biofeedback is a computer based system where sensors are attached to the body to “read” physiological signals such as heart rate or respiration (breathing patterns). This information is displayed on a computer monitor for you to see. You will learn to adjust your breathing, muscle tension, temperature, and/or heart rate to bring about improved health. In this way you become an active participant in your own healing process.

It is now known that we have the potential to dramatically affect heart rate, respiration, and muscle tension through use of natural bodily processes. Increased control over these functions empowers the body to heal itself. Biofeedback opens the door to improved mental and physical health. In many cases a person is able to decrease or eliminate medications after biofeedback training. And, research demonstrates that biofeedback’s positive effects can be permanent.